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The Neighborhood Austin Volunteer Staff

About us

The Neighborhood Austin
The Neighborhood Austin

“The Neighborhood” (First House, Inc.) is an all volunteer 501(c)3 created to bring people together to serve, coordinate activities and pool resources to benefit individuals, families and groups who are struggling and have  fallen through the cracks. The Neighborhood provides many resources including volunteer efforts to assist the poor and those in need. The idea behind our group is to leverage our ability to give and make a difference. The goal of The Neighborhood is to encourage and empower individuals and families as they move through the struggles that hold them back from realizing their potential. The Neighborhood realizes its goals by working closely with a variety of organizations that have clearly defined charters with boundaries.





We see needs on a daily basis that are not part of the budget for many agencies we work with. This is where we are able to call upon our resources and volunteers to respond quickly. We know that local nonprofit agencies have all been hit hard by the economy. They have less room in their budgets, and grants they rely on have either gone away or have more restrictions on how the money can be allocated. The Neighborhood works side by side with these organizations to fill in the cracks that sometimes exist, gaps in services where people in need may fall and need help keeping their momentum.

By building awareness and providing assistance for individual and families in need we can bring about positive effects year-round throughout our communities. 

First House, Inc. dba “The Neighborhood”
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